Geofencing Marketing

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Geofencing Marketing:

New and Effective Way to Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Have you ever wished you could market your product and services to your target customers while they are shopping with your competitor? How about while they are preparing to use your service or while they are browsing your online or offline store?

While all these seemed impossible some years back, it is now what can be achieved by any business owners looking to engage the right customers and make sales when it matter most.

Today, with geofencing/geotargeting marketing, it is possible to reach your real customers in new ways, hence boosting sales and help you increase your ROI. Geofencing marketing is able to achieve all of these because it simply markets your product to users based on their location.

Now, if you are wondering what geofencing marketing really is and how it can help your business, here are some things you should know about this new and effective way of marketing.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing is a type of marketing that markets to a set of specific users based on their location. It doesn’t matter how great an ad is, its rate of conversion will depend on how relevant the ad is to potential customers.

Geotargeting marketing lets you find customers by city, zip code, or country, and even by stores and certain events. If you run a brick and mortar store, geofencing marketing can be a very effective tool to help you attract new customers to your store.

How Does It Work?

Unlike what many people thought geotargeting marketing to be, it is very straightforward and any business owner can implement it – especially when you have an experienced digital marketing company by your side.

WinBig Marketing is an experienced digital company located in South Florida that specializes in digital marketing. We have worked with many clients in Florida to achieve their goals with geofencing marketing in Florida.

We can help you or walk you through the process of creating a geofenced ad campaign that actually converts. Here is a quick summary of what we will do:

  • We create a geofence in your chosen area and create a suitable ad for the geofence
  • Your potential customer steps into the geofence and automatically become added to your advertising audience.
  • We start serving the customer targeted ads through in-app ads, notifications, or search/display ads.

You can decide when and where you will like to place your fence. It can be around your business location, your competitors, households, nearby street stores, colleges, conference centers – just anywhere your potential customers can be found.

How Can Geotargeting Marketing Benefit Your Business?

#1: It improves user engagement

Geotargeting marketing allows you to improve your campaigns and boost user engagement rates based on the gathered data. This helps you refine your audience for a better result on your marketing spending.

#2: It increases shopper loyalty

Retaining an existing customer can be expensive but it is much more expensive to attract a new customer. That is the reason every business should invest in earning their customers’ loyalty. With geofencing marketing, you can easily achieve that without needing to offer discounts and promotions every time.

#3: It helps you effectively allocate your marketing budget

If your business only sells in specific locations, geotargeting marketing will be of great help to your business. It helps you focus your ads only in places where your products are needed and available. That way, you will be wisely spending your marketing dollars with a great return.

#4: Promotes product and market development

A good way to test and fine-tune your offer when you just launch a new product or service is testing it in a small geographical area. This is tactic marketers have used for years with traditional marketing like billboards and TV ads. Geofencing marketing allows you slowly expand your business reach into specific areas.

#5: It helps you build authority

Even if you are an expert in your community or industry, you need an authority backing you to make better sales. A smart way to build authority in your neighborhood for your products or services is via geo-targeted ad campaigns. Your ads could be about information concerning the neighborhood, local events, questions about the area and many more. There is no better way to naturally connect your business with your community.

#6: Smart way to hide ads from competitors

Are you looking for a way to protect your campaign from the prying eyes of your competitors, then you have just found one. With geofencing marketing, you can hide your ads from your competitors by excluding their location from your campaign. At least they will likely won’t be seeing it until the ads have converted well enough.


 Looking To Get Started With Genfencing Marketing?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with geofencing marketing but don’t know how to begin? Let’s help you get started on a good foot.

Here at WinBig Marketing, we can help you create an effective geofence and help you get the best result from your ads.

We are a digital marketing company located in South Florida but we work with clients all over the US and even internationally. We have the experience and know just the right campaign that fits your business needs. Give us a call today and let get started!

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