How Remarketing Works to Help Increase Conversion for A Business

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How Remarketing Works to Help Increase Conversion for A Business

Recently, remarketing has proved itself to be a powerful digital marketing strategy that has helped many businesses track their past website visitors everywhere they go on the internet and helped convert them into a happy client or buyer. While there may be other effective forms of online marketing such as paid search, content marketing, and social media ads, having retargeting as one of your marketing strategies is a great way to push your conversion rate up the bridge.

When all other strategies fail to help convert website visitors to customers, it is remarketing that swings into play to re-engage those visitors and make a customer out of them. In case you have been wondering what remarketing is or doubting if it can really help increase conversion, this article will help you out.

What Exactly Is Remarketing?

There is usually a slight confusion among people as to if there are any differences between remarketing and retargeting. Actually, these two terms aim at getting your website visitors that have abandoned their shopping car to come back and finish their purchase. Since they have the same goal, they are often used interchangeably. 

Retargeting involves the use of internet ads to entice prospective buyers back to your website so they can finish their purchase. It is a smart way of turning window shoppers into buyers. 

Remarketing, on the other hand, involves gathering the information of your visitors and then send them targeted emails to entice them to return to your site and pick up their cart and complete a purchase.

These two terms are often used interchangeably, and we are also going to be doing so in this article. Both of them work by helping to bring back customers who have left your site without buying anything to come back and make a purchase. 

If you are still doubting the power of remarketing, here are some shocking stats that will probably help you rethink your stand:

  • 97% of online purchases are done by repeat visitors
  • 70% of website visitors retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert
  • The CTR of a retargeted as is 10 times higher than that of a typical display ad
  • 91% of marketers who have once used retargeting testified that it performs just the same or better than email, search, or other display ads.
  • 47% of consumers say they are willing to sacrifice their privacy so they could get a better deal.

How Does Remarketing Works?

It is quite easy to set up a retargeting campaign for your website. When you choose a particular network and create a campaign with them, the network provides you with a pixel tag, which is a small piece of code that you add to your website. Whenever a new user visits your site, the pixel tag drops an anonymous browser cookie which automatically adds the user to your retargeting list. 

When that user visits another site that also hosts native or displays ads from your ad network provider, the system will pick up your ad and serve it to the user. This serves as a great reminder to the user to come back and buy from your site. This will keep happening as long as you have an active campaign running. 

A good example of such a scenario is this: Lilian visits the “Topline Shoes” store online and looks at a particular shoe there but did not eventually buy the shoe. Later, Lilian visits anther site – this could be her favorite news site. Topline Shoes runs a remarketing campaign using an ad network that also works with this news site. Lilian sees Topline Shoes ad again which features the same shoe she had wanted to buy earlier.

Upon seeing the ad again, Lilian may become interested to click the ad and visit Topline Shoes again to make the purchase she had earlier abandoned.

What Are The Benefits Of Remarketing?

What Are The Benefits Of Remarketing?

  • Capitalizes on lost website traffic
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Improves relevancy of ads
  • Helps target audience who are more likely to convert
  • Helps target prospects who have visited your site and shown interest in your product or services
  • Help keep your brand longer in the mind of people as you strategically show ads to them
  • Suitable for every industry

Tips for Using Remarketing For Ultimate Conversion Success

If your aim is to double your conversion online, here are some things you need to utilize while setting up your remarketing campaign.

#1: Understand your buying cycle

This is very important, there is no point serving ads to users whose buying cycle is short. Think of buying cycle in terms of traffic temperatures. Someone looking to buy a new shirt has a short buying cycle because he may not be searching too long – everything might end that same day. But someone looking to buy industrial machinery that worth more than $10,000 will have a longer buying cycle which makes such a buyer a prospect you continue to retarget for several months.

#2: Remarket people with high probability of making a purchase

It may not be smart to target everyone that lands on your site. That may look cumbersome and consumes your ad points faster. Instead, focus on people who have already reached a significant page on your site, such as the sales page or the cart page. These people have a high tendency of coming back to make purchases and I crease conversion. 

#3: Target people who are willing to buy

While this may sound like the previous point, it is a bit more profound. It sure doesn’t make sense for Tesla to retarget 14 year olds. Even though they may show interest and reach the car page, they probably don’t have the money to buy. 

#4: Exclude present customers from your campaign list

Trying to sell to your current customers the same way you do to prospects may make the customers feel like they are not valued customers. Remember it costs even more to keep current customers happy than convert a prospect to a customer. So do everything you can to value all your customers. Don’t include current customers in your campaign.

#5: Use geotargeting

Geotargeting helps you target people based on where they live. If you are a doctor in Los Angeles, for instance, you don’t want to be serving your ads to people living in Washington D.C. Even if someone needs a doctor in Washington, he would probably not be flying down to LA for just a regular checkup. 

#6: Use dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, you won’t only be targeting a particular visitor, but you will also be showing them exactly what they want to see. It will allow you track what product he or she has viewed on your site before leaving, and you can track them around with that exact product. 

#7: Don’t be pushy

The goal of remarketing is not just to show ads to prospective buyers as many times as possible, it is also a way to send a positive message about your brand. So gradually introduce your products to your buyers. Make use of quality copywriting when serving your ads. It is worth investing in.

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