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By December 4, 2019Bing Ads


The top priority of every business owner should be to get more traffic and qualified leads to their websites. In the bid to achieve that, there are many channels available to us to reach our goal, and the most widely used among them is Google.

However, most business owners today spend most of their search budget on Google ads because it is presently the leading search engine having the bulk of the market. So they see their decision as a smart one.

But if you are relying on Google to do all the job for you, you may be missing out on some quality leads. Most businesses around the world today are beginning to turn to Microsoft’s Bing to give their marketing effort the extra boost it needs to get them a bigger reward for their buck. In this article, we will be seeing some important reasons you need to explore Bing ads in your search marketing campaign.

What about Bing Ads?

Just like Google Ads, Bing Ads is also a pay-per-click platform that helps you connect specifically with your audience through your ads. Like Google, Bing also allows you to create structured campaigns using ads, ad groups, and keywords.

Bing is created and owned by Microsoft, and the search engine has in it, three search engines; Bing, Yahoo networks, and AOL. This means by using Bing Ads, your ad can be seen on all of these three platforms, therefore providing more visibility to your ad campaigns.

However, because of the smaller size of Bing Ads compared to Google Ads, it is not recommended you use Bings Ads exclusively. Instead, you can use it to augment your Google Ads campaigns. And if you have been experiencing some challenges or difficulties in some areas with Google Ads, using Bing Ads to fill in the gaps is really a wise decision. 

In case you are still not sure whether to consider Bings Ads or forget about it completely, here are some important reasons more and more marketers are turning to Bings Ads. Perhaps it can motivate you to make the right decision.

Reasons You Should Not Neglect Bing Ads

#1: Bing Ads allows you to reach new audiences

Using Bing Ads as part of your marketing campaign opens you up to the opportunity of reaching more new audiences. Bing ads reach about 69 million unique searchers which are not reached by Google. While you may not have to put all your efforts into Bing ads, considering the fact that they have up to 24% of the US search market share is enough for you not to neglect it. It is a smart way to reach those searchers Google has been unable to reach.

#2: Bing ads help bring in quality leads

Bing Ads particularly connects to Yahoo Bing Network users, who are older and higher-income earners. Up to 38% of Bing’s audience earns more than a hundred thousand dollars annually. And this group of people also spend more compared to the audience on other platforms when it comes to making purchases via their desktops. This means using Bing ads has the potential power to connect you with people who have more buying power.

#3: Its features are super easy to use

It doesn’t matter the kind of person you are, setting up new campaigns on Bing is super easy. If you are a complete beginner, the platform allows you to import your existing campaigns on Google ads into Bing ads, therefore, preventing you from having to start from the scratch again. 

With Bing ads, it is easy to schedule your ad as it allows you to easily assign different ad groups within a single campaign based on time zones. The ad platform also allows you to adjust your language, network, ad rotation and more for specific ad groups.

#4: It is cost-effective, allowing you to save more on PPC ads

If you are also looking for another great reason not to neglect Bing ads, here is one. When compared to Google Ads and other ad platforms, Bing offers a considerably lower price on PPC ads. CPC on Bing is far less expensive than on Google. However, don’t forget that Bing is not as big as Google, which means even though you are paying less on Bing, you are also reaching a smaller group of people. But when you use this to augment Google campaign, the difference is really a big deal for you.

#5: Smart way to increase your conversion and engagement rates

When your goal is to see your conversion and engagement increase, giving Bing Ads a try is a good decision. Compared to Google, people who click Bing PPC ads tend to better engage with the site of the advertiser and so convert at higher rates.

#6: Device targeting is much easier with Bing ads

Bing Ads offer much more flexibility when it comes to device targeting. You can target a specific audience based on the type of device they use. This means if your target is only mobile users, you can make that happen by leaving yourself out of desktop advertisements.  And vice versa.

#7: There is more extension to make things easier

One interesting thing about Bing ads is the wide range of extensions it has made available to boost your conversions and connect you more with your target audience. A good example of such extensions is Bing’s Twitter extension. There are also Location extensions that allow you to target potential customers based on their location without any hassles.

#8: There is transparency in search partners

Still not sure if you should explore Bing Ads? Here is another added advantage of the platform. When it comes to disclosing the details of search partners, Bing is second to no other platform. This makes it easy for you to see exactly where your traffic is coming from and you can accordingly filter your search partners. 

Bing gives you an extensive report of how your campaigns are performing, including the impressions and the conversions. With this, you can easily opt out of any campaign you think is not performing well enough.

Don’t Know How To Start?

Are you confused about how to set up your Bing ad campaign and get your business moving? It is understandable. Here at WinBig Marketing, we specialize in digital marketing and we can help you set up your ads and digital marketing systems. We care about you and your business, and so we are always all out to make sure you get the best from your PPC campaigns. 

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